Roger Ouelette

Obituary of Roger L Ouelette

My brother passed away July 17, 2018. Roger Ouelette was a kind and thoughtful man who loved his mother and took care of her until she was 88; he never got over her death. Roger worked for the Yakima County Parks Dept. for 35 years. He started at Eschbach park and moved to the county when they bought the park. He finished at Ahtanum park. He loved his job and the people he worked with. He loved the beach. Long Beach, Washington was his best place. He loved to go camping and ride motorcycles with our sister and her family. He made trips everywhere, to Reno and Vegas, then he went to Yellowstone and Mount Rushmore. He loved to travel. As he got older he would walk down at the mall with his friends. Roger had a good life. He bought his house and a new car. He was happy with his world.

Roger was born in Montana, Billings to be exact, and moved to Washington at a young age. We lived in Walla Walla for many years and he went to school there. When we moved to Yakima things changed. He met a lot of new people, including our future brother-in-law. Roger never married but had girl friends, no kids.

My brother will be missed by a lot of people but none as much as me. He was my big brother and growing up we had a very close relationship. He would take me everywhere. One summer he took me to the movies every Friday. I miss him now.

There will be a graveside service July 26, 2018 at Tahoma Cemetery, and there will be a viewing at Shaw & Sons from 3 to 7 on July 25, 2018.

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